Derek Koch’s New York City

Derek Koch, nightlife impresario behind Day & Night and co-owner of the hotspot, MPD (Mon Petit Dejeuner),

“I like walking into different neighborhoods to get inspiration and conceptual ideas. I’ll find streets that I have never visited or seen before. I love that New York gives me such a variety of different places, architecture and restaurants.

One street that really stands out is Gay Street because it makes me feel like I am somewhere else – that I’m not in New York City.  The buildings are different, the colors are different. It feels like you’re in a back street in Paris. I am transported for a moment.

And I really like visiting St. Marks Place.  I’m living on the West Side now, but my first 5 years in New York, I was in the East Village. The West Side is about what I do day-to-day. It’s my life. But in my heart, I am a little bit of an East-Village-dive-bar-kind-of-guy. And St. Marks has a very diversified, interesting mix of people.  It’s not your Pleasantville family sort of place.  It’s more rock and roll. It’s sort of a Twisted Sister tattooed place. And I don’t like to take the quiet back streets.  I like noisy busy streets where you can see interesting people.

I gravitate toward a place in the East Village called Tarallucci e Vino, It has been there for years and has a warm, comfortable feeling. You can sit there for hours upon end without being interrupted.  Have you ever been to a magazine store where you’re looking at a magazine and uncomfortable because  you feel the guy at the counter is going to say ‘are you going to buy or stand there and read?’  But I can have a cappuccino, sit and read a whole Dan Brown novel and not be disturbed or interrupted by someone saying, ‘are you going to buy something or are you just…?’ They have chocolate croissants, amazing lattes and cappuccinos.  It’s just a very nice place.”

Tarallucci e Vino, 163 First Avenue, 212-388-1100,

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